Alberta Carbon Hub

Logo and Website Development

The opportunity

Help the average Albertan understand the potential of Carbon Capture, Utilisation, and Storage in the Province.

In mid 2021, Candice Paton from Enhance Energy was collaborating with many corporate partners to start a grassroots movement and asked Shift to respond to an RFP to develop a logo and website for a new brand. After winning the bid, we had to work fast. The name: Alberta Carbon Hub had already been chosen, and we had just six weeks to create a visual identity and website in preparation for the launch of a webinar series targeting Albertans.

Because Carbon Capture and Storage is technical and our audience was not, we needed to create a visual identity that was fresh, fun and friendly. We needed a colour palette that screamed creativity and graphics that were playful and approachable. We worked closely with the client, sharing several light design concepts that were approved by committee, before moving into development. We were able to fully execute this project on a very conservative budget in under six weeks.

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