Banff & Lake Louise Hospitality Association (BLLHA)
Outreach campaign
The opportunity
Increase awareness of existing local, provincial and national mental health supports by targeting distinct segments with user-oriented and hyper-focused strategies.

The pandemic has taken a toll on a lot of people, however, those in the hospitality sector have been hit particularly hard. As a result, Banff & Lake Louise Hospitality Association (BLLHA) asked Shift Consulting to develop an eight-week outreach campaign translated into six languages to increase awareness about existing mental health supports for at risk workers in Banff and Lake Louise.

From start to finish, the campaign was imagined, created, focus-tested and in-market within six weeks to ensure the target market could see the information before the Easter long weekend – a time when mental health supports are most needed.

Shift worked closely with BLLHA’s communication’s team to identify the most efficient and impactful ways to reach a range of audience segments across the Banff and Lake Louise workforce. This included finding a way to transcend language and cultural barriers to share important messaging about free and confidential supports available to a diverse audience.

To do this we worked with an illustrator to create custom characters that would resonate with the target group, and created a digital campaign that included posts on Facebook, Instagram and Google advertisements.

We also leveraged BLLHA’s existing assets where possible to create a new support page on its website, Our strategy also included creating advertisements for ROAM Transit buses and supported the development of a “toolkit” for employers that included decals, floor decals and posters for staff accommodation units and other employee areas.

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