Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA)

Full-Service Public Relations and Communications Support

The opportunity

Maximize the impact of ERA’s clean technology investments for industry and innovators.

For 10 years, ERA has funded clean technology projects using the revenue from the carbon price paid by large final emitters to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build the resilience of new and existing industries in Alberta.

Since 2017, Shift has been leading ERA’s strategic communications activities, helping key audiences understand the impact ERA’s investments have. Our work is focused on:

  • Raising the profile of ERA’s funding calls
  • Increasing awareness of emission reduction progress by Alberta
  • Supporting the development of strategic partnerships to accelerate technology development and deployment
  • Ensuring the learnings and findings resulting from technology development are shared.

Our approach includes a focus on telling the compelling stories about the innovative technology being developed in Alberta through support from ERA. These innovations included everything from capturing emissions to make stronger concrete to eliminating the tailings ponds in Alberta’s oil sands to using plant oils to power airplanes, and more.

We do this by building on ERA’s existing digital presence (website, newsletter, social media), using proactive media relations provincially and nationally, and storytelling through video, podcasts, speaking engagements, presentations, and print materials. Shift also supports the development of events and workshops that foster engagement and learning opportunities.

Working with our trusted research partners, we test the level of awareness, familiarity, and support for ERA and its mandate to get a better understanding of public and stakeholder opinions. We use this data and all the digital analytics available to continuously improve our communications strategy and its impact for ERA.

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