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The opportunity

When Enhance Energy wanted to create a new brand for its Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Project, they turned to Shift.

In late 2021, we worked closely with the organization’s leadership team to understand their unique audiences for this project, how the identity would need to be used, and what its story needed to portray. We recommended a Masterbrand approach to naming, so we could leverage the integrity and brand equity of the Enhance Energy and have Origins build from its strengths.

Shift has been working in the innovation and technology space since our inception in 2010, so we were able to hit the ground running in terms of understanding the language and the attributes of the Origins brand. Our process included research to understand the positioning of competitors in the CCS sphere. To differentiate the Enhance project, we identified more than five name options that were shared with leadership. Each option had strong rationale tied to the values of the organization with framing on the future impact should the brand be executed. Once Enhance selected their project name—Origins—we validated that it could be used and created an identity that was tied to their Masterbrand. We used the same colour palette, typography, shadow effects and graphic elements to symbolize how Origins celebrates and grounds us in the heritage of oil and gas development in Alberta, and also propels us into the future of what’s possible as we work to reduce emissions. Origins puts Carbon back where it came from.

After building out the brand’s visual identity and creative approach, we developed their easy to navigate website, as well as templates for reports, PowerPoint presentations and infographics that help them share their story in a simple way.

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