PARKS CANADA (Banff National Park)

Outreach Campaign

The opportunity

Change the behaviours of visitors to Banff National Park to help save wildlife

In early 2017, Parks Canada (Banff National Park) asked Shift Consulting to develop a Human-Wildlife conflict prevention plan. The previous summer, six wolves were killed from the local pack due to food conditioning. Human-wildlife conflicts doubled in the last four years. Our strategy was grounded in a proven behavioural change model. The goal of the plan and #wildliferules campaign was to influence behaviours of guests who visit a national park by increasing awareness of Banff as a very special protected place.

Our primary research helped us identify the core insight that most park visitors don’t understand they need to do things differently when planning to visit and stay in a national park. Shift Consulting’s plan focuses on helping guests understand that their trip planning includes knowing and respecting the “rules” around wildlife interaction. Those who pledge to protect wildlife, will be rewarded by Parks Canada.

We developed aa clear implementation plan that outlines key milestones, roles and responsibilities. The campaign will be executed by Parks Canada; success metrics were provided including completed pledges, website visits, ambassador volunteers, media coverage, social media engagement and more. The plan was developed to be scalable, with the potential for use by any national park.

“When we destroy a wolf, we need to make it clear that anyone that interacted with it in a negative way had a role to play. People keep going back to what Parks is going to do. We need to shift to what others can do, we need to shift to stewardship.”
-Bill Hunt, Resource Conservation Manager

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