The Transition Accelerator

Website Design and Development, Communications Strategy, Branding Policy

The opportunity

Establish the Accelerator as a leader of a breakthrough approach to solve Canada’s toughest challenges.

The Transition Accelerator was established to empower innovators, improve policy, and shift debate around climate change in a more constructive direction. They work with researchers, industry experts, government decision makers and civil society leaders to solve business and social challenges, while building emissions reductions into the solutions.

In 2019, the Accelerator hired a new CEO and Shift was hired to develop a new communications strategy, build, and launch a new website and refine its branding policy. We facilitated a conversation with key Transition Accelerator team members and advisors to align on goals, strategic priorities, objectives, tactics, and core messaging.

The overall strategy was approved by the CEO and Board. It focuses on leveraging communications and engagement initiatives to:

  • Raise awareness of the Accelerator as a nationally recognized innovation brand
  • Profile research
  • Build community
  • Generate leads for methodology adoption
  • Demonstrate thought leadership
  • Profile examples from projects as they progress

As part of this work, Shift created a visually pleasing and easily adaptable website that addresses two specific user groups:

  • Funders, government decision makers, and media who we want to get excited about the work the Accelerator is doing through high-level, inspiring messaging
  • Partners, researchers, staff, advisors, and other stakeholders who are deeply involved in the Accelerator’s work and require access to text heavy content, including reports, blogs, white papers, webinars, etc.

The website successfully shares information for less connected users, while more detailed, up-to-date content is easily accessible for those looking to take a deeper dive.

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