Senior Writer

With over 20 years of experience in the private sector and nearly a decade in post-secondary, Neil understands the importance of clear communication, sincere understanding, and deep engagement when working with diverse audiences. Neil’s extensive background allows him to quickly identify how small and large organizations work. He has a reputation as a trusted advisor, respected for his listening skills, ability to assess and identify goals, and commitment to collaboration as a means to create the best outcomes for all stakeholders.

Before joining Shift, Neil worked at the University of Victoria, Mount Royal University, and the University of Calgary with a focus on student services. As a senior manager, Neil led teams that worked with a variety of groups from student societies and faculty associations to recreation departments and governmental agencies.

Books, writing, and community have been at the centre of Neil’s personal and professional life for over 30 years. He has been a volunteer board member on community foundations, numerous professional associations, and has been appointed to board positions at the Canada Council for the Arts.

Neil holds degrees in English Literature and Political Theory from the University of Calgary and is working on his first novel.

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